Many busy, career women take sleep for granted. We get it—there’s so much to do and so little time. And while you already know of the health issues that come with not getting enough sleep every night, what you probably didn’t know is that it can affect more than just your body. It can affect your chances at love, too.


Have you ever wondered why The One seems to elude you time and time again? Or maybe you’ve already found your S.O., but you haven’t been on the same page lately? Your sleeping habits (or your lack thereof) may be starting an unhealthy cycle that is affecting your relationships.            

A feature on Psychology Today explains that having consistent high-quality sleep can actually help you get the love boost that you crave, since ample rest affects you physically, emotionally, and mentally.

When you fail to get at least seven hours of sleep daily, it can:

1. Cause you to always look tired and uninterested in making connections.

While looks should not be the only reason to like someone, science says that “well-rested individuals are judged as more attractive.” Lack of sleep may also give the impression that you’re not healthy or are not taking care of yourself, which, in a way, is actually true.

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2. Make you grumpier and more prone to arguments than usual.

A 2014 study revealed that less sleep among couples cause more conflict than usual, and it’s true even with single people—when you don’t have enough rest, your mind seems slower and you become less understanding and empathic of another person’s situation. The less things make sense, the more irritable you become, and when you’re irritable, you often shut yourself off.

3. Affect your sense of humor.

It’s a common fact that humor can make one attractive. Lack of sleep steals that ace from you as, according to another feature on Psychology Today, “humor requires high-level cognition, and a lack of sleep inhibits it.” And no, not even coffee can help get back the giggles.

4. Impact your memory.

Like a working computer, your brain reboots during sleep, enabling it to function in its best capacity the following day. When you lack sleep, your memory often goes out of whack—so that means you easily forget names and numbers, or worse, promises and anniversaries, which may lead to conflict.


5. Lower your sex drive.

An article on NHS notes that “men and women who don’t get enough quality sleep have lower libidos and less of an interest in sex.” This is because your body doesn’t get the chance to recuperate enough, making you feel constantly exhausted.

What should you do?

The solution is pretty straight-forward: Be mindful of how many hours of sleep you get at night, and the quality of sleep you're getting. If you find yourself sleeping way too late, adjust your time table and train your body to relax at the same hour every day. Do away with playing with your phone or watching TV at least 30 minutes before bedtime to help your mind wind down. And if you feel that you’ve tried everything and are still having trouble sleeping, try consulting your doctor. You may not need a love life to be happy, but you definitely need sleep.


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