Different people have different techniques for making it through exam week. Some spend the last few minutes memorizing as much as they can. Others believe that trying to study right before the exam will only interfere with their performance. For parents who want to help their kids succeed, water may be the answer. According to a study presented at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference, students who bring water in with them during exams tend to get better scores.


By studying more than 400 undergraduate students in three different cohorts, researchers from the University of East London and the University of Westminster hoped to find out whether water could be linked to better grades. They took note of the number of students who brought drinks into the room as well as what type of beverages they were. Apparently, first year students were less likely to bring drinks into the classroom compared to students in higher batches. From the results, it appeared that those who took water into the classroom with them were more likely to get more impressive grades.

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While researchers didn’t completely delve into why water may be an important factor in getting better grades, they shared a few speculations. According to them, water may have a physiological and psychological effect on the students. It may help them improve brain power and calm down their frazzled nerves.

As positive as the results are, however, there are a few limitations to the study. For example, researchers were not able to monitor whether the students actually drank water inside the classroom or not. It may also be possible that the mere presence of water was enough to help students get better grades. In the end, however, studying properly is still the best way to ensure that your children do well. Guide them by helping them study for their finals.

(Photo by Zsuzsanna Kilian via sxc.hu)

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