Before the digital age, when you wanted to talk to someone and show some interest, you had to approach the person and talk. During those times, everything was easy to figure out because your tone of voice and body language can be easily seen. Now, things are a different thanks to social media and other messaging apps. You can now communicate your feelings through comments, likes, and double-taps. But the question is, can these actions be considered as modern day flirting?

According to the Pew Research Center, most Americans will probably “like”, comment on, or “friend” with someone they’re crushing on. Pew researcher Amanda Lenhart says, “Digital platforms are powerful tools for teens for flirting, wooing, connecting with and even showing off a romantic partner.”

It's probable that social media is considered to be a good avenue to test the waters. Rejection won't be that harsh since flirting moves may be considered subtle or even normal—that those likes and comments are purely innocent and platonic.

We do know this is a convenient way to drop hints that you like someone, but it is still better to actually do it in person—just like what everyone did pre-Facebook. This way, you'll save time trying to guess if the feelings are mutual. Here are some stories that will help you:

6 Reasons Why You Should Try Making the First Move
Approaching a guy or asking for his number can be intimidating, but the more times you do it, the more at ease you’ll be with making the first move.

Dating Habits We Need to Bring Back
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10 Things You Experience When You Start Dating Again
Does his "no" really mean "yes?" Why does he sound so masungit? Am I being too demanding? Before you know it, you’re paranoid and start to overanalyze everything he says.


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