In a culture greatly consumed by Facebook and Tinder, it’s easy to assume that the concept of chivalry has long lost its charm. The timeworn ligawan stage has been scrapped in favor of online hookups and one night stands. Women don’t believe in "forever" anymore, and most men think that good guys always finish last. It’s a losing battle, people.

But is chivalry really dead? We’d like to think that most of us are still capable of noble gestures, but there’s a bit of a catch. Read on to see what we mean:

1. Letting you go first
In the traditional scheme of things, ladies should always go first. But the same principle also applies when it comes to career and sex. It’s getting more and more apparent that women thrive best when they’re in control of things. Most girls don’t need a knight in shining armor anymore, but we’re here for you anyway.

2. Holding the door for you
Unless we’re carrying a bunch of heavy boxes on our way to the entrance, we don’t see why we shouldn’t continue holding the door for you (or anyone else, for that matter). Having said that, don’t expect us to open any car doors for someone else– unless that someone is a senior citizen.

3. Paying for the bill
While shouldering the check on the first date is purely our responsibility, we’d appreciate it if the girl at least offers to pay her share. Chivalry is one thing, but courtesy is another. Besides, anything that involves money shouldn’t be considered chivalrous in the first place.

4. Giving you our seat in the MRT
Men can and should be able to hold their own inside the train, but you shouldn’t hold it against us in the rare chance that we don’t. All women are entitled to a comfortable commute, but so are we. If you want to blame someone, blame the government.

5. Driving you home
Forget about the subject for a minute. Driving you home (or placing a call to make sure you made it home safely) has more to do with the Philippines than chivalry. We know that women can handle themselves on the road just fine, but we just can’t take any risks when it comes to your safety.

6. Offering you our jacket
In the event of an unexpected rain, the right thing to do would be to hand you our jacket. But we may not be willing to do the same when we’re in the cinema–it’s not like you’re not aware how cold it can get inside. We give free hugs, though.

7. Carrying your things
As much as we loathe carrying your shopping bags and luggage, we understand that it comes with the territory. We also understand that no matter how many times we point it out, you will always shop and pack more than you need. In return, all we ask is a bit of suyo and lambing.

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