Is your man overly jealous? If you don't address this problem early on, it could lead to a lot of arguments and even result in a breakup (Yikes!). Save your relationship by handling matters like an adult. Here, a few tips to get you started.

Recognize it as a problem.
The first thing to do when it comes to handling your guy’s jealousy is for both of you to identify it as a problem–and that it’s something that should be taken seriously. Sit down with your guy and talk to him about the possible reasons he’s being jealous. Did he grow up in an insecure environment? Was he traumatized by a past relationship? Know the roots of his jealousy and commit to helping him settle his personal issues–if he wants to.

Don’t change for him.
According to psychologist Gladeana McMahon, you shouldn’t change your behavior just to try to avoid jealousy. She also explained that doing so is a way of pampering your man and doesn’t really solve anything. Instead, encourage him to change his views on how you interact with other people and recognize his efforts to curb his jealousy.

Set relationship rules.
Try establishing a set of ground rules to prevent unnecessary arguments. They could be your guide on what buttons you should and shouldn’t press to maintain a peaceful and healthy relationship. Discuss it thoroughly with you guy. Keep an open mind and make this conversation a two-way street.

Build his confidence.
Reassure your guy that he’s the only one for you. Jealousy usually begins when a person is insecure or feels threatened about a third party. If your man has strong feelings about you talking to one of your guy friends, for example, approach him after and reassure him through your touches–rub his arm, hold his hand, or give him a big hug.

Ask for help.
If the situation is getting out of control, say, he restricts you from meeting your friends and always wants you to update him of your whereabouts; it’s time to seek professional help. Encourage him to go to a counselor. However, if he doesn't seem to want to change, you may want to consider ending the relationship. You don't have to be stuck with someone who picks a fight every time you talk to a member of the opposite sex.



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