Breakups can be painful and sometimes, the heartache lingers as you go through the process of moving on. The question now is, how long does it really take for you to forget a person you once loved?

Elly Prior, a British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy accredited couple’s counsellor, shared on her webiste that there are seven main factors to determine how long it will take you to get over your ex:

- The length of your relationship
- How it ended
- How recent was the breakup
- How intense the relationship was
- How important was it to you
- Was there a form of cheating involved, or was there an affair
- Was there domestic violence

Some even say that the time it will take you to get over your relationship is equal to the total time you spent together. Others choose to believe in the half-duration rule wherein you divide the length of your relationship in half to determine how long it will take you to move on. For example, if you've been together for eight years, you'll both be needing four years to totally recover and purge whatever feelings you have (or had) with each other—including anger and disgust.

Even so, there are still other factors that could change it. Was it your first breakup? Do you two communicate properly? Did you live in one house while you were together?

Also, with the presence of social media, it would be more difficult to move on from your previous relationship. Thanks to Facebook updates and Instagram posts that will remind you of him, which leads us to remind you that stalking him won’t do you any good, girl! Learn how to distract yourself with the things you love doing and surround yourself with people who will help you bounce back.

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