Before you frown upon your screen and yell, "But you had sex!" hear me out first. I am a strong believer in safe and smart sex. It took me a long time to give into it. I was already working and in a serious relationship when I decided to pop my cherry. And because I was extremely aware of the consequences of unprotected intercourse, "no glove, no love" policy was for strict compliance. Taking birth control pills was out of the question because I didn’t like chemicals controlling my hormones.

Whenever my man and I would do it, he would assure (and show) me that he’s wearing a condom, so imagine my confusion when I noticed that I was already two months delayed. Thinking that it was just my irregular menstruation or stress stopping Aunt Flo from paying a visit, I shrugged it off. But when I got nauseous with certain smells, my boyfriend instructed me to take a pregnancy test. I exclaimed, "But we used protection!" Nevertheless, I went to the drugstore and peed on the stick the morning after.

"Two lines. Oh wow! I’ll be a mom! Wait. What? How?" I asked myself. I immediately dialled my boyfriend’s mobile number and told him the news. I admit that we were both shocked when we found out about the future baby, but I’m proud to say that neither of us had negative thoughts about it.

We went to an ob-gyne to determine how far along I was. I couldn’t help but ask how his sperm fertilized my egg when he had a raincoat on. The doctor's answer was straightforward and meaty, "The failure rate of condoms is 18 percent." We took her response as a sign that we were meant to be parents of the unborn child in my belly. I knew it was going to be tough since it wasn’t planned, but he assured me that we will be together in this exciting journey.

Three years after, our toddler is now a tiny, fearless explorer. It feels great to wake up in the morning next to a chubby face, chase bubbles and eat ice cream on weekends, and to be called "mama" and "papa." Although the baby daddy and I aren’t together anymore, we’ve mastered the art of co-parenting—no bickering or drama involved. We both pitch in the expenses, and we both make sure that grandparents from both sides each get to spend quality time with our son. Having a child has helped us to be mature and responsible. Both of us managed to have stable jobs, and we developed a better relationship with our parents. So thank you, 18 percent, for giving us the best surprise in our lives!

PHOTO: Pixabay; GIF: Giphy

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