Unrequited love–two words more painful than a bee’s sting.

When I first laid eyes on him, I felt like I was on cloud nine. He was attractive, funny, kind towards others, and not interested in me. I knew from the beginning that I shouldn't have developed feelings for him, but hey, who could resist those hazel brown eyes that glistened every time he looked at me?

We started off as friends–we would hang out, send text messages to each other, and even hug and make beso. But the sad part was that I fell for him and he only saw me as a friend. Never did it cross my mind to confess my feelings. What for? I knew whom he liked and I was sure I wasn't his type.

It was a difficult decision to move on, especially when deep inside, I was still hoping that he would grow to like me. That he would look at me like the way he looked at her. As days went by, I tried to fight the feelings I had–not only were they wrong, but they were heading nowhere. I would rather move on and deal with the pain on my own than lose him as a friend.

I started drifting away from him slowly. I wanted to walk out of his life to save myself from any more heartache. But of course, he noticed it and I had to move on while he and I were still friends. So I took out my notebook and started to write. I wrote about what I really felt and decided to forget him without really avoiding him. First, I stopped dwelling on the pain. I began to focus on our friendship and brushed off those romantic feelings. It was difficult, but if you do it day by day, it’s possible.

Next, I tried to keep myself busy. I went out with my other friends, took up a new hobby (adult coloring books), and paid more attention to my dreams and what I should do to achieve them.

Lastly, I accepted the fact that he was never mine to begin with. I had no right to demand anything from him. The moment I changed my mindset about the whole situation was when I started to let him go as a possible boyfriend and embrace him as a great friend.

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