I was in a 9-year relationship with the father of my son, but when this whole thing started, I had already been single for four months. I’m okay, though. I’ve been getting through it with the help of a man. He’s taking his OJT with our company.

At first, I didn’t really notice him until one lunch break, I was eating alone on the table and he and his friend asked to join me. That was the first time I saw him up close. I was more attracted to his friend, actually. We talked as we ate and we started talking about love, so I told them about my breakup.

After, they told me to add them up on Facebook. He messaged me after a few days and invited me to go videoke with him and I said yes – I didn't think much of it because I felt he was a good man and we were just going to hang out, nothing more. It was all happening so fast, he asked me for my number on that same day.

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He told me he was going to go home after work and he was going to fetch me at my house. When I got inside the car, I started to notice that he was attractive, too. He actually has tantalizing eyes.

After we arrived, we were about to cross the street when he held me by my hips. I was caught off guard because it happened too fast. But I didn’t mind, I thought maybe he was just being a gentleman.

We then went inside the room, and while I was choosing a song to sing, he started putting his arms on my hips while kissing my back. That same night, something happened.


I don't know how, or I don't know why I permitted it, but above all, I felt happy. From that day on, we’ve been together.

It has been five months since that day we went on a date. Before I agreed to go out with him, I knew he was already committed, and I know the girl because we were schoolmates way back in college. It's a small world, indeed.


I know this is all wrong, but he makes me feel secure. He picked me up when I was broken. He was there during the times I just wanted to be drunk. Whenever I'd rant about my ex, he would always comfort me with words that made me realize how blessed I was. He also always tells me to spend more time with my kid. We don’t know when this will end but I am enjoying it - we are enjoying it.


How can I move away when he’s there, showing interest? I know where I stand, and I never demand. My friends have told me to stop but I can't. I know it's wrong, but, how can I let it go when it feels so right?

*The author's name has been changed due to the sensitive nature of the story. Minor edits have been made by the Femalenetwork.com editors.

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