Work-related stress can put a strain on your marriage, but with support from your spouse, you can overcome the obstacles that get in the way. According to a recent study, having a supportive partner can do wonders for both your marriage and your career.

In a survey involving 400 working couples, researchers were able to gather data on stress levels and satisfaction with life in general. Those who reported high levels of work-related stress but had support from their partners were 50 percent more satisfied with their marriages. They were 33 percent more likely to form positive relationships with their coworkers and 30 percent more likely to be less critical at home. They also had a 20-percent rate increase in job satisfaction. Meanwhile, those who couldn’t rally support from home tended to have more negative responses.

While having a supportive spouse is good for any relationship, you should be supportive of your partner as well. The study suggests that to become more understanding of your spouse’s work demands, make sure that communication lines are open no matter what. You’re also discouraged from forcing support, demanding too much attention, and taking your stress out on your family.

In general, these are important things to keep in mind. However, the researchers also believe that men and women have different takes on spousal support. Apparently, women appreciate being let off from their usual chores. Men, in the meantime, reportedly appreciate being given a hand once in a while. So the next time you sense your partner is in a mood, try your best to offer your support. Regardless of how many marriages have crumbled from stress, there is space for both marriage and career in your life. You just have to learn how to balance them both.

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