Never understimate the power of parental love. According to, children who have a tight bond with a parent during their infancy are more likely to grow up well-adjusted than those who didn’t.

Researchers from the University of Iowa found that an infant needs to develop closeness either with his mother or father. This conclusion was based on assessments made on relationships of 102 children with either their mothers or fathers. The researchers then made a follow-up on 86 participants once they reached eight years old.

After including observations of each child’s parents and school teachers, the results showed that growing up with only one parent may be enough to meet the child's needs. As long as there is an established relationship based on trust and security, children matured with little aggressiveness and anxiety.

The findings prove to be great news for single parents, as they now need not worry about their family set-up having destructive repercussions in the long-run.

"Some people think the father is not good enough to be the primary caregiver. Our data show otherwise," researcher Sanghag Kim explains.

So whether or not you’re a single mom, what’s important is for you to nurture a good relationship with your child from the very beginning. Letting him feel that he always has someone to trust will influence him to become a person of confidence and positivity.

(Photo by Etsuko Naka via Flickr Creative Commons)

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