A couple of weeks ago, we started our back-to-school countdown by creating special checklists for moms three weeks and two weeks before classes officially start. With only a week more to go before all your planning finds fruition, the need to prepare becomes more important than ever. Your kids need you to stay on top of everything, especially since they have their own back-to-school butterflies to worry about. So before the household is turned on its head again, make sure that you have done the following:

1. Secure the necessary IDs.

Amid all the excitement, parents sometimes forget all about the small details. Double-check to see if your kids still have their IDs with them. If you have a younger child who’s also attending school, you probably need to secure an ID that allows only you or the yaya to pick your kid up from school, so you’d better work on that as well.

2. Prepare yourself psychologically.

Just as kids need to prepare themselves for the coming school year, so should you read up on how to help them make adjustments. Check out our articles on how to get your kids out of vacation mode as well as how to get through mornings without too much stress. Preparing yourself before the frenzy school term will help everyone in the family get settled in the new routine.

3. Set family time to PST.

"Filipino time" is dead. While only radio stations, TV networks, and government agencies are required to follow the Philippine Standard Time (PST), your kids might also benefit from the same rule. Set all your clocks, even those at bedside tables, to follow PST. This way, everyone knows exactly what time it is, and your kids won’t have to worry about getting a C+ on their conduct because of tardiness.

4. Do a last-minute check.

The day before the first day of school, help your kids prepare their things. Make a quick check to see if they have all the school supplies they need. Go through the list of school requirements to make sure you haven't missed anything. If it turns out you have, you still have time to drop by the mall.

(L-R: Photo by malglam via Flickr Creative Commons, photo by bensonluu via Flickr Creative Commons, photo by Wendy Copely via Flickr Creative Commons)

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