Being single is not necessarily a bad thing, and yet many people seem to dread it. They jump on every dating bandwagon, hoping it would put them on the path toward finding The One.

Unfortunately, forcing the issue oftentimes leads to the wrong relationship.

In a new University of Toronto study featured on Science Daily, researchers surveyed adults about how they cope with being single. They found that those who were frightened about the prospect were more willing to settle for an unhappy relationship than not be in one at all. The results hold true for both men and women, eroding the connotation that only women are scared of growing old alone.

The fear is understandable—nobody wants to live alone—but singlehood isn’t something to be afraid of, but enjoyed and celebrated. Take the time to find and realize your true value, and you’ll never again settle for anything or anyone less.

(Photo by Alexander Lyubavin via Flickr Creative Commons)

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