Do you have happy childhood memories? Were your parents loving and supporting of you and of each other? Chances are, these factors have had a very large impact on your current relationships as an adult, reports.

Researchers led by Robert Ackerman from the University of Texas at Dallas worked with data from a previous study that observed family interactions between parents and their seventh grade children. They categorized positive engagement into five ways: “listener responsiveness, assertiveness, prosocial behavior, effective communication, and warmth-support.”

The results showed that those who had good interactions with their families had better engagement and closer ties with their husbands or wives 17 years later. Less spousal hostility was also shown by participants who have had open communication lines with their parents in their youth. Interestingly, their significant others seemed to absorb the good vibes as well.

So if you look back to your teenage years, you’ll probably see a few hints as to why you ended up in the kind of relationship you are currently in. However, you and your partner can always improve things by continuously learning more about each other; don’t box yourselves using your histories. No matter what kind of family climate you both have experienced, it’s all about the two of you now. Just learn from the past and move on.

(Photo by mbtrama via Flickr Creative Commons)

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