Just like adults, kids have not so good days too. It can be stress of school work, disagreements with friends or scraping their knees during P.E. There are times when your child comes home looking miserable and you just want to do everything to make them feel better. Here's a list of things you can do to turn that frown upside down in no time.


1. Prepare their favorite merienda.

When you take the time to prepare their favorite merienda, your kids truly feel loved. But merienda isn’t complete if you serve just plain and tasteless water, so transform this with the new and improved Tang! Your kids will definitely enjoy the real fruit taste of its different flavors: Tang Orange, Tang Mango and Tang Pineapple! Serve it now and this way, everyone is happy!

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2. Greet them with a game.

Imagine the look on your kids' faces when they come home to a note that tells them you’ve just started a game of hide n' seek. When your kids have fun, the negative energy from school is replaced with positive feelings. Plus, they get precious bonding time with mommy!


3. Put a love note in their baon

Aside from preparing their favorite merienda with the new and improved Tang, you can also add a little love note with words of encouragement in their baon. Kids will never tire of hearing how much you love them and are proud of them.


4. Ask them to tell a funny story from school.

Kids can remain fixated on whatever bad things happened in school. Encouraging them to tell a funny story forces them to shift their thinking to m ore positive experiences from their day, and remembering these will make them laugh.

5. Get them busy with an arts and crafts project.


You can have them make loom bands, cards, or posters to present to Daddy when he arrives home from work. When you show them you love their little gifts, they'll get a sense of accomplishment that they may not have gotten from school today.

6. Allow them to watch TV before doing their homework.


The last thing your kids want to do after a bad day at school is their homework. Allowing them to watch their favorite TV show will let their minds and bodies relax for an hour or so. Do this only once in a while so that they're surprised and happy whenever you allow them to "break the rules".


7. Set a play date with their best friends.

Playing with their friends outside school is something they look forward to. By setting a play date for the weekend, this shifts your kids' focus from today's bad vibes to the weekend’s promise of good vibes.

8. Give them a hug and a kiss.


There's nothing like a mom's hug and kiss to assure your kids that everything will be okay. They may have had a bad day in school, but mom is always here to make things better.

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