Several experts say that an overly academic preschool education might not necessarily work alone, since children still learn faster and better through play. According to an article posted on TIME, the right combination of academic learning and play would make an ideal learning environment for preschool kids.

Play encourages “soft skills” like focus, problem solving, sharing, cooperation, and dealing with frustrating situations. These should be learned at an early age, as children need soft skills as much as academic skills.

“We’ve gotten so focused on the academic part when we need to be focused on the social part,” says David Elkind, author of The Power of Play and a professor emeritus of child development at Tufts University.

Education at a young age has far reaching results. In one study conducted in the US, learning early allowed more children to succeed in elementary and graduate high school Meanwhile in the Philippines, the new K-12 system is currently in place, boasting a kindergarten curriculum of songs, dances, and games taught in Filipino. It is important to remember, though, that children need the right mix of academics and play.

(Photo by Barnaby Wasson via Flickr Creative Commons)

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