Trust is such a delicate concept. It's a major factor in virtually any relationship — even and especially the one you have with yourself. Self-trust plays a huge part of how we grow as people, but what happens when we break our own trust?


What's self-trust?

According to psychotherapist Cynthia Wallself-trust is "trusting yourself to survive situations, and practice kindness, not perfection." It can be in the form of recognizing your needs and making sure you provide yourself with them, acknowledging your thoughts and taking some time to process and understand them, and knowing when to put yourself first.

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How do I know if I'm breaking my own self-trust?

Breaking your trust in yourself can appear in different situations. Sara Kuburi, MA, CCC, explains that it can be manifested by "big or small decisions" like attending to others' needs before our own, agreeing to things even if we already have too much on our plate, or breaking our own promises to ourselves.


Any kind of action that negatively influence our relationship with ourselves can be considered a form of breaking our own trust. Still, we must keep in mind that breaking self-trust happens to many of us and that there are still ways to build it back up.

How do I stop myself from breaking my own trust?

As humans, we are prone to misjudgment and mistakes. Every step we make in building a healthy relationship with ourselves is a learning experience so we could do better moving forward. You may fail at keeping your own trust, but over time and with consistency, you will learn to build that trust back up again.

To build self-trust, the Psychological Counseling Services of the California State University, Stanislaus, Stanislaus suggests listening to yourself more attentively-both your mind and your body, unwaveringly committing to yourself even when things go south, growing from past mistakes (because you're human and it's part of your nature!), and realizing that working on self-trust takes time and dedication.


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