A dream is a picture of a possibility. That means it has the potential to come true—that you have the potential to bring it to life and to finally live it.

But the road to success is not an easy one. When we see the best athletes, artists, and musicians, we are in awe. They make what they do best look so effortless, like it’s something we can do as well. Only when we put ourselves in their shoes do we realize that it takes a lot of effort and heart to be good at something. Just as they have dedicated their entire selves to their craft, so must you for your own ambition.

You should have a strong heart and a prepared mind to turn your dream into a reality, because you will have to make sacrifices. You will be exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally as you work for it. You will feel beaten, and sometimes—maybe many times—you will fail. Some people might laugh when you do. For sure some people will advise you to give up and try another dream instead. They will tell you that maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

But you must pick up where you left off and keep going. Remember: determination is the key to success. You have to learn from your experiences, especially your mistakes, because they will equip you with the strength and wisdom to chase your dream, and to happily and humbly share your success with the people around you when the time comes. Your failures and trials are not for nothing if you transform them into your victories.

Whoever you are, whatever you believe in, whatever your age is, whatever situation you’re in, if you have a dream and you really believe in it, you hold on to that dream because you never know when it will come true.

So be firm with your goals. It doesn’t matter if you fail a few times, because I failed a few times as well. But I knew I had it in me to transform from good to great, better to best. You just have to trust yourself that you can transform into your best, too.



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