Dear You,

I hope you’re doing well. First of all, I would like to thank you–for staying with me, for keeping up with my mood swings, and most importantly, for accepting me for who I really am.

When I met you, I never thought you would be so important to me. You were just so aloof that I told myself that there’s no way I should invest my time and feelings in you–distant people scare me because I know one day, they’ll just leave without a word.

Surprisingly, we found a lot of common ground. We started to talk longer, spend more time together, and before we knew it, we were already exchanging those three words.

The more I got to know you, the more I understood why you act the way you do. I’m very grateful that you are more open about your feelings now compared to the past. I’m thankful that you trust me with your weaknesses and that you allow me to see the vulnerable side of you–it just means that you trust me that much. I know that you rarely show any kind of emotion, but with me, you’re "you" and that’s a big step for you and for our relationship. (Remember, communication is key.)

I would appreciate it if you loved and took care of yourself, too. I like it when you care for me and show me how much you love me through the little things that you do, but I also want you to learn how to appreciate yourself more. You’re such a talented person, a loving daughter, and a great sister–and I wish you'd acknowledge that you are, indeed, a remarkable person. You may have your quirks and imperfections but that’s a part of your individuality–and I love them no matter what. (Even though you refer to yourself as an irresponsible toddler)

We still have a lot to go through, but I know that we have each other and we’ll always try our best to make things work. We still have a long list of things we want to accomplish–from mundane, silly things like racing with grocery carts at a supermarket to serious plans such as living together and actually having a family of our own.

Always stay the same because who you are now is whom I fell in love with. We’ve crossed the half-year mark. It may seem like a short time for some people, but it means a lot to us. Knowing how we are as people, getting this far is a very, very big achievement. Let’s just stick to our promise of making each other a better person and get through everything that comes our way–together. Okay? I love you. A lot.


*Minor edits have been made by the editors

PHOTO: Pixabay

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