We asked a few guys the smooth moves they do to give the ladies a little hint on whether they like them or they're just being friendly. Below, we share what they said.

One thing kasi na kapag interesado ako sa isang girl eh inaalam ko yung interests [niya] ,then naghahanap ako ng Vines (short videos) n'un tapos sine-send ko sa kanya. Another thing is singing. Tinatanong ko yung favorite niyang kanta, practice it, then ire-record ko. – Jan, 24

When we go out of our way to help you with anything you might need. – Jake, 25

When on a date, while we're waiting for our ride or her sundo, I use that extra time to ask her the things she likes. – Enrico, 31

When we guys start to like a girl, we look at her in a way that she will feel extra special. Hopefully, we send a message. – Marky, 26

Inviting her to have coffee or merienda, a friendly invitation lang naman. It’s an indirect way of saying, “I want to know more about you/let's hang out and get to know each other more.” - AJ, 26

Including her in my plans–it just means I want to spend time with her. – John, 28

Going beyond the distance, like for me yung unexpected na I would bring food 'pag break niya kahit di niya alam, and may mega surprises after a long busy work day. –Adrian, 32

When a guy offers to do things for you or with you that he doesn't normally do for others. Little things like lending you stuff, critiquing your choice of makeup/outfit, or up to offering his time and attention to help you—it means something. –Anjo, 28

If I’m close friends with her, I’ll visit her family and try to get to know them, too. I’ll play with her dog, (if she has one) or her little cousins. If I get close to the people she loves, hopefully, she’ll get the message that there’s something more in store for us and not just friendship. –Francis, 27


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