Whether you left your ex, were dumped yourself, or mutually decided to part ways with each other, remember that being single doesn’t necessarily mean you’re alone or lonely. Flying solo after being in a relationship has its perks and here are some of them.

You have the bed all to yourself.
No one is bound to snatch the blankets or pillows from you–no one. You can also stay in bed and sleep in as much as you want. FYI: This newfound selfishness doesn't just apply to your sleeping arrangements. Now that you're single, you can watch whatever you want, eat whatever you want, and hey, see whomever you want, which leads us to...

You meet new people.
Now that you're unattached, you can meet other people whom you probably weren’t allowed to even talk to when you were still in a relationship. No more worrying about jealous boyfriends. Not interested in dating again so soon? Meeting new people can also mean making more friends. Now that your time is your own, you can broaden your horizons and open your doors to more exciting opportunities.

You get to save money.
The cash you used to spend on dates and gifts is now all for yourself–or your pet.

You get to reconnect with others.
Updating your status from "in a relationship" to "single" is like coming home after years of being abroad. It’s time to message your girlfriends (whom you probably ignored while you were still in a relationship) and set a time to meet up.

You can finally breathe.
Goodbye to dozens of missed calls, numerous text messages, and well, the clingy (ex) boyfriend. You won't be pressured to go on dates, attend to his every whim, or text him your whereabouts every minute.

It's girls’ night out every chance you get.

Have your friends teased you for ditching them because your BF decided he'd rather stay home and watch a movie? Not anymore. You could have a slumber party, a book club meeting, or just catch up on each other’s lives over coffee (or vodka).

You learn to love yourself more.
You have all the time in the world. Have some quality "me-time. Get a mani-pedi at your favorite nail salon or go shopping.

Abuse, whether emotional or physical, is a thing of the past.
No one deserves to be treated like trash by any person–especially by a "loved" one.

You get to be yourself again.
Did you lose yourself loving someone else? Being single gives you the chance to appreciate yourself more and rediscover the old you before you even got your heart broken.

PHOTO: Pixabay; GIFs: Giphy

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