Men are generally smitten by women. While driving, we could turn our eyes away from the road if we see an interesting girl walking by. It may not have been that girl’s intention to catch our attention, but we'd be drawn to her nonetheless.

Want to catch the eye of a specific guy? Here are some of the things that could help you be more attractive to him:

1. A little skin
Men are very visual people. Single or not, we will turn our heads when a woman in a sleeveless or tube top passes by. It exudes confidence, which may intimidate some men, but most of the time will turn them on. Of course, being able to actually rock those outfits is a huge plus. Just make sure you don’t cross the line between sexy and slutty.

2. Confidence

My girlfriend decimated my closet when I gave her a chance to throw away or donate the clothes she doesn’t want me to be seen in. Clearly, I am not writing to give you tips on fashion. However, as I pointed out earlier, confidence is a huge turn-on for men. A girl could look just as stunning in jeans as in a dress–the important thing is, she’s comfortable enough to be confident in the way she looks.

3. Them underarms

Having studied in an all-boys school in high school, and having had different kinds of guys as friends over the years, this is one thing that seems to be near the top of their lists: clean underarms. I’m not sure how you women would feel about this, but some guys actually get weak knees when they see clean or white armpits on a fairly attractive girl. Unkempt underarms are almost a deal breaker to some guys, no matter how hard Miley Cyrus tries to make it a thing.

4. Simplicity

No man wants to date someone who looks like an entirely different person without make up. While we understand the wonders of cosmetics, we also appreciate a simple girl who can stand out even with just powder and lip gloss on. We like to keep things real, and while makeup can make a woman appear more attractive, it also adds an element of artificiality to her.

5. Social grace

A girl who knows how to act depending on the situation always catches our attention. Someone who knows how to act like a princess when the occasion calls for it, but could be a koboy when there’s no need to be prim and proper. For guys looking for someone to be serious with, finding someone he can be comfortable with in fancy social functions as well as simple barkada get-togethers is a great catch. A woman with social grace can be shy without being maarte and outspoken without being jologs.

6. Your choice of perfume
Fragrance is very subjective. I can’t speak for all men on what type of scent they like on a girl, but one thing we agree on is that a woman’s choice of scent can add to her charm. Guys like subtle but alluring fragrances on women.

7. Your ability to converse

We leave our nonsensical drunken conversations to our boys. Having someone sensible to talk to makes us want to know more about you. Of course, the best kinds of conversations are those wherein you don’t really try too hard to appear interesting. That said, stick to the language you’re comfortable with, because some guys find poor grammar a huge turn-off.

8. Your appreciation for the small things

Men love the feeling of being needed. We want to be the problem-solvers, not someone who will contemplate on the problem with you. It’s part of the reason why we don’t generally ask for directions when we get lost on the road–we want to find the way, not rely on another person to show us. We gravitate towards the women who appreciate our efforts. Your genuine appreciation for the little things feels nicekind of like how you like it when your man notices your new haircut.

9. Similar passions
Guys are amazed whenever they meet a girl who likes the same things they like. Car guys are fascinated by girls who drive stick shifts. Sporty guys get excited by a girl who actually has a legitimate take on the Kobe-MJ debate. It’s not because they want to go out with a "bro," but rather because being with someone who shares his enthusiasm means he won't have to choose between his girl and his passion. The dream of a male basketball fan is to meet a girl who won’t insist switching the channel over to a chick flick because she also wants to know who’s going to win during the overtime.

PHOTO: Pixabay; GIFS: Giphy

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