Whether you’re at work or you need to make a quick stop at the grocery store, there are and will always be thoughts running at the back of your mind whenever you’re away from your children. If you're a working mom, then you can probably relate to these situations.

Constantly thinking about your kids
"Are they eating well? They’re not supposed to be playing with the matches. Is the door locked? Where did I put the matches? They better be at home right now. Oh, right the matches are on the top shelf."

Having photos of your children on your work desk
Aside from the stapler and the stacks of paper, you have at least three picture frames on top of your desk–a family portrait, a picture of you and your husband, and a solo photo of your child.

Being judged by others
"She’s too focused on her career." "Why is she taking care of other people’s children and not her own?" And the questions go on.

Looking for a yaya or baby-sitter
House helpers who can cook, are kind to animals, and are gentle with kids are just so hard to find. You've seen news of kids being abused by their nannies. No way are you getting a yaya from just any agency.

Making time for your kids
If you’re in the office from nine to five, the only chance you get to spend time with your kids is on weekends–and before you know it, it’s already Monday. Again. Goodbye eight hours of sleep.

Trying to come home early
You try your best to get out of the office before you get stuck in traffic during rush hour, because, as much as possible, you would like to spend dinner with your family to catch up on how their day went. You leave too early, however, and your boss gives you the stink eye and you might end up stuck in traffic anyway. You wait until the Edsa clears up and everyone's asleep when you get home. There's just no winning this!

Feeling guilty when you miss certain events
You’ve experienced at least one instance where you found yourself rushing to school so you wouldn’t miss your kid’s school recital.

Bringing your kid to the office
You already have a small chair and table beside your desk with lots of art and coloring materials that can keep him occupied. The best part? You get to spend the whole day with him. Yay!

Seeing your child the moment you come home is the best
...and she's right there waving happily at you.

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