1. "The sex is really good."
We know: Sex matters. But unless the relationship is purely about sex, this line doesn’t really amount to anything if your partner doesn’t treat you right outside the bedroom and always hurts you. You guys don’t spend most of your time having sex!

2. "We’ve been together for so long."
Which can also mean you’ve been unhappy with him for so long. Although both of you have invested your time and effort on each other, which is how it should be in a relationship, staying only because of that isn’t healthy. People should be with those they love and those who love them back.

3. "I’m afraid of being alone."
Is it corny to say that you’re never really alone since your friends are swipes or taps away? They wouldn’t want you to be miserable, so they’ll be there for you when you call them. That’s the truth. As for being on your own, it’s something we experience at certain times of our lives—it’s part of living. It sucks when you have no one to depend on, no one who can give you the right advice or comfort when you’re despairing and really need it. But it’s liberating to be able to conquer your worries and give yourself what you need.

Let’s not forget that being alone is nothing compared to being with someone who makes us feel lonely. This last one is just heart-breaking.

4. "There’s no one else out there for me."
Out of the millions of people on Earth, do you really think so? Remember all those crushes and guys you’ve had and how you thought they were the one but ended up finding someone better, more suitable for you given who you are at a stage in your life? Don’t give up on finding that perfect life partner or being found by a potential life partner—just make sure you’ve ended your unhappy relationship because cheating is wrong. In the meantime, there are dogs or cats and hot celebs you can daydream about.

5. "He’s rich LOL."
Well, well. Look who’s the scheming one here. If you think money is worth all the fights and tears and feeling like shit, go right ahead. The money can change your lifestyle, but maybe not your overall happiness with your life.

6. "We look good together."
If you mean that you’re staying in that unhappy relationship because you and your partner have the same level of attractiveness (like the Beckhams), you’re shallow and most welcome to live a lie—that you guys look compatible but are really not. But things don’t have to be that way for long.

If you mean that you guys look alike like how couples look like each other after being together for a while, you might want to consider dating a relative who makes you happy or someone in the same race, ethnicity, or skin tone. Sounds ridiculous? Thought so.

Newsflash: Couples who really look good together are the happy ones.

7. "Everyone’s rooting for us."
So you’d rather make them happy than make yourself happy? That’s awfully kind of you. But you do know that if they knew what was really going on in your relationship, they’d be much happier if you were at a better place, right? (If they’re not, you also need new friends.)

8. "The good days are worth it."
The thing is that the good days are almost always worth it, and they feel all the more special when you’ve had tons of bad days. The question is, are the bad days worth all the trouble and hurt you’re putting up with? Don’t you think happy days can be the usual for you? Do you think you and your partner can make happy days together?

9. "I’m hoping he’ll love me more eventually."
His loving you more is out of your hands. If you’re just silently wishing for more love from him, well, best of luck to you. The most you can do is confront him so that your thoughts and feelings will hit him hard, but it remains that the choice to “love you more” is entirely his. The song "I Can’t Make You Love Me" couldn’t be more appropriate for you. It’s great that you’re hopeful. But you might be better off placing your hopes in finding love after this unhappy relationship, especially when you’ve talked to him and nothing has changed.

From: cosmo.ph


PHOTO: Pixabay.com; GIFs: Giphy

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