1. "Choosy ka pa."
Aren't we allowed to pick whom we want to date or be with? Just 'cos we're not heartthrobs, doesn't mean we should end up with the first guy who shows interest. We're not desperate (or that desperate). You crazy?!

2. "Don't you feel lonely?"
Of course we do, and it's not always because we're single. Sometimes we feel lonely when we're around people who make us feel out of place or uncomfortable. The same way you feel lonely too even when you're taken.

3. "You're too career-driven."

We'd get it if you said we're single because we don't have time to date. But to blame our being single on being career-driven? You're part of the problem. When was it wrong to prioritize our careers just like some guys do? If you're going to blame anything, you should be blaming how people, for some bizarre reason, can't deal with a career woman.

4. "Why are you still single? You're amazing!"
Reason 1: It could be because we want enjoy the single life right now! Why does it almost always seem like being single is just something that happens to us, rather than a choice

Reason 2: Uh, 'cos things aren't working out with guys we're dating. Thanks for thinking we're amazing; tell that to the boys now.

5. "I was married/engaged when I was your age!"
Thanks, mom/tita/lola. We know. Doesn't mean we should follow your footsteps especially when times have changed and we still feel like babies.

6. "You might need to change your attitude."
If we got a bad attitude, thanks for letting us know, really. That should help us change for the better. But there's something about telling us to change our ways to get guy that's just bothersome. Shouldn't we be developing a healthier attitude because that's good for us and the people around us?

7. "Your clock is ticking."

We are aware, Captain Obvious. No need to remind us we're getting old when we feel it every time we climb up the stairs. LOL.

8. "You should do something to meet new people."
If we wanted to meet new people, we would've been out there trying out new hobbies, making new friends, or looking for guys on dating websites. STOP BEING SO BOSSY.

9. "You're not hung up on your ex, right? If you are, you need to move on."
I was in the middle of moving on until you reminded me how good we had it, how we thought we were going to last a lifetime because we thought we were perfect for each other, and how unexpected the breakup was. Thaaaaaanks. BRB, crying.

This story originally appeared on Cosmo.ph.

* Minor edits have been made by the Femalenetwork.com editors.

SCREENCAP: The House Bunny/Columbia Pictures (2008); GIFs: Giphy

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