They aren’t deal breakers on their own (but they can be). If anything, they can help you become a better partner to your guy, and even a more mature person.

His personality
It’s one of the things that attracted you to him, but it’s a big factor on whether or not you’ll still like him in the long run. Will you get frustrated if he prefers to stay in on weekends when you love to go out? Will you be bored with a guy who’s always serious, he hardly makes you laugh?

His intellect
This doesn’t mean that you’ll dump a guy who only states the obvious every single time (“The coffee’s hot,” “It’s pouring!” “Your lips are red.”). Or someone who doesn’t read and can’t tell if something is illogical. If right now you want to date a dense guy, then you’ll be with a dense guy. If smart conversations really matter to you, you won’t last with a fool.

His beliefs
They’re part of who he is. It’s good to know where he stands with certain issues, so you guys can talk about them and settle for a compromise (if necessary), or you’ll know what things to bring up or avoid.

If he believes in commitment
It’s important to be on the same ground, so you won’t demand from your partner something he can’t give you at all.

If he harms himself or is depressive or suicidal
We all want to help and give extra care to the person who means a lot to us. This can only happen if you know what he’s going through internally.

If he’s abusive or a beater
Because it’s time to LEAVE. No questions asked.

If he has STDs.
Safe sex never felt more necessary. (And treatment, too, if you guys didn’t have safe sex.) Your support is also important if you’re willing to give it.

His priorities
The hierarchy should let you know how much he values you and the relationship, if he does at all. Just don’t go ape-shit if you’re not #1. That’s usually the family anyway.


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