They say that traveling together is a good way to see how steady and strong your relationship with your man is—and it's true. After all, you'll be together 24/7, far from the prying eyes of family and friends, and whether you'll be together for three days or for a week-and-a-half, you'll more or less find out about each other's quirky habits in and outside the bedroom.

But while traveling together can teach you a lot about one another, it may also lead to conflict. If you're not careful, your dream vacation can turn into a nightmare. Here, eight travel traps and how to deal with them.

1. Being late
If there's one thing that can sour both your moods during a trip, it's tardiness. Although half the time it's neither your fault, being late for airport check-in or any other activity during your vacation can lead to arguments as well as missed experiences that both of you could have enjoyed.

To avoid negativity, simply get to your agreed venue ahead of time. If circumstances are beyond your control, learn to compensatefor sure there are still other fun things that you can do. After all, what's more exciting that being together in a new place?

2. Sudden itinerary changes
You've finally reached your destination. You're happy and very much excited about the tour you'd be on when it suddenly gets canceled. Sudden changes during trips are common, especially if you're planning to engage in activities that would require you to hike mountains or cross bodies of water as these rely heavily on the weather.

If something like this happens, see it as an opening in your schedule to do other things. Whether you decide to explore or just cuddle in bed, at least you've had time to relax and unwind.

3. Not being on the same page
If your idea of having a fun vacation is going bungee jumping, while his is staying in your hotel room and sleeping, then you might have a bit of friction. In order to avoid this, manage each other's expectations and form your schedule around them. That way, you'll have time for what you both want to do, and you both end up happy and satisfied.

4. Getting lost
Getting lost in a new place can be a fun adventure in itself, but if you're short on time and are running after a tour bus, then it may just be what would cause you to be at each other's throats.

In this day and age, getting lost isn't much of a problem when you're in a city with a lot of cell sites and people. However, if you're in a rural area, you may need to put in a little bit more effort in finding your way back home. Talk respectfully to the locals and ask for directions. If they can't understand you, look for a public place such as a restaurant or a police station where someone can assist you. Most importantly, stay together and be patient with one another. Finger-pointing is useless—you're both in the same boat, and only by working together will you be able to solve your dilemma.

5. Losing things
Losing things in a foreign place can be stressful, especially if you've dropped something as important as your wallet or your passport. So instead of engaging on a panicked and heated shouting match, try to calm down and approach the situation with level-headedness. Make an inventory of what you have and what's missing, and think of your next steps. Should you cancel your credit cards? Where is the nearest Philippine embassy? It may take time, but once you get the ball rolling, things should eventually work out. Make it easier by supporting one another and calming each other's worries.

6. Getting sick in the middle of the trip
It's frustrating when one of you gets the flu during a trip that took you ages to plan, but it's pointless to dwell on it, especially since no one wanted it to happen. Instead of being all "sayang naman," make the most out of it. If your man is down for the count, take care of him. Stay with him even if he insists that you go to that bar party three blocks down your hotel. It is during this time that you can show him how much you love him, and that is a reward in itself.

7. Work getting in the way
Even if you've promised each other that neither of you will be checking your email inboxes while you're out of town, it sometimes can't be helped. To avoid putting a damper on your special getaway, do your best to avoid anything office-related. The fact that your bosses approved your vacation leave means that they know you can't get back to them right away. However, if you really need to get on your laptop, finish the job quickly and don't sacrifice too much of your time. Drawing a clear line between your career and your personal life is very important.

8. Missing your flight
Somehow, you got your schedule wrong and you missed your flight. The best thing to do is not to worry about it and simply rebook for a later flight and extend your stay. Sure, it'll be a tad bit more expensive, but look at it this way—you're extending you're time away together, and that always is a good thing.

PHOTO: Pixabay; GIFS: Giphy

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