There is no perfect relationship, and chances are, your partner has lied to you at one point or another. The good news? You don’t need a lie detector test to figure out if your man is telling the truth or not. Here are eight telltale signs you should look out for.

Something feels off.

If your gut feeling suggests that something is wrong, then there may be something worth investigating. Brenda Della Casa, author of Cinderella Was a Liar: The Real Reason You Cant Find (or Keep) a Prince, says, "It may not be exactly what your imagination is suggesting, but we don’t experience knots for no reason." Try talking to your man but don’t make it feel like an attack–sit down with him and calmly tell him what’s bugging you.

The story keeps changing
…or worse, he keeps changing the topic when you ask him about a certain issue. This is a huge red flag. If his alibis don't add up and even the slightest details keep changing, he’s probably lying. Also, when your partner starts to stammer, use words such as "um," and "uh," or clears his throat, it could indicate an upcoming lie.

He covers up his tracks.

Is he constantly deleting text messages or is he difficult to reach? Nancy Dreyfus, author of Talk to Me Like I’m Someone You Love: Relationship Repair in a Flash, says that is a warning sign. "If you’re with a guy who carries two cell phones, but one of them never rings, or if he only pays in cash or immediately heads for the shower when he gets home, those are all major red flags."

He’s too distant and secretive.
Some men tend to be a bit distant and careful during the first months of a relationship, but if he is being too secretive and is hesitant to share things about himself, then he is probably hiding something from you.

He has an answer for everything.
He knows what to tell you for every particular question you ask. In fact, it seems a little too rehearsed. If he has an answer for everything, it could be that he had already thought of "possible questions" you may have and subsequently came up with "answers" that would most likely satisfy you.

His body language

Does he cross his arms way too often, touch his face constantly, or fidget a lot? Chances are, he's lying. Body language speaks volumes, and Dr. Lillian Glass, a behavioral analyst and body language expert who has worked with the FBI on unmasking signals of deception, says you should know how a person normally acts for you to detect the changes in his body language.

TMI vs. TLI (Too much information vs. Too little information)
Is he giving out too many details or is he keeping a lot to himself? Dr. Lillian Glass says this means he or she could be lying. "Liars often talk a lot because they are hoping that, with all their talking and seeming openness, others will believe them."

He swears on his mother’s grave
Surprising as it sounds, this could be a sign that he’s lying. According to polygraph examiner and former FBI agent Jack Trimarco, "Innocent people don’t swear on the grave of their mother." The truth should be strong enough to stand on its own, and if he’s trying to prove his point with things that do not have anything to do with the issue, that raises a red flag.


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