After the initial endorphin rush from the wedding has worn off, married couples are faced with the overwhelming challenge of actually co-habiting peacefully for the rest of their lives. Lots of issues start to stem from this harsh wake-up call, such as doing household chores, planning for the future, and dealing with money. The last one always seems to haunt couples, throwing an ugly wrench to an otherwise steady relationship. Financial troubles have a way of creeping up on unsuspecting couples, and as much as they would rather avoid talking about money, it's just not possible.

The thing is, we’ll always ecounter financial hurdles in on form or another. Married couples aren’t exempted from this issue as well, so the best thing that you and your man could do is to prepare for them (and cross your fingers that the two of you get to deal with the issue unscathed). Here are eight common money booboos that couples face:

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