Feeling blue? Seeing red? Colors can greatly affect your mood and emotions throughout the day. So here are seven ways you can use colors to make a difference and liven up your day:

1. Start the day happy with sunshine YELLOW!

Yellow brings feelings of joy and happiness—a great way to start the day! Wake up to the sight of fresh yellow flowers on your bedside table, then enjoy the real fruit taste of the new and improved Tang Mango for breakfast. This will surely brighten up your day!

2. Have an energetic start to your day with the color RED!

Red is the color of intensity and can make your heart beat faster. Red school bags for the kids can get them excited for school, while wearing red can help you keep that high intensity throughout the day.

3. Let the creative juices flow with ORANGE.

To make sure your kids stay creative and enthusiastic throughout the day, make sure their baon includes their favorite Tang Orange with real orange taste! You, too, can enjoy a glass of Tang Orange at home to help you think of more exciting family bonding events in weekends.


4. Rest your eyes on something BLUE to calm yourself down.

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On the verge of losing your temper? Fix your eyes on something blue. As the color of peace and tranquility, blue slows down your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure. Keep a beautiful photo of blue skies or the ocean on your desk to help you stay calm.

5. Put a potted GREEN plant in your living room.

Green is a color that is both refreshing and relaxing. Put a potted plant in your living room to make the space a relaxing area for you and your family. While you're at it, sit back and enjoy a refreshing glass of the new and improved Tang Pineapple bursting with more real fruit taste as you as you relax at the end of a long day!

6. Dream big with PURPLE!

Combining the calming effect of blue and red's boundless energy, purple is a color that inspires people to focus on their goals, be it short-term or long-term. Give them something purple to look at like a handkerchief or face towel so that even at ayoung age, they are encouraged to set their own goals and also inclined to be motivated in achieving them!


7. Tuck your kids good night in a PINK blanket.

Your sons may argue that pink is a girl’s color, but pink is actually the color of unconditional love. By tucking them in pink beddings, it’s a sweet and creative way of telling your kids that your love will keep them safe through the night.

Use color to transform your days with the new and improved TANG! Visit Tang Philippines' official Facebook page for more! :)

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