1. He's nervous about leaving his phone or laptop with you.
It's normal to not want people to go through your things simply because they're your things and they shouldn't have any business there. But if he's afraid or worried about leaving his gadgets with you, you should be a bit alarmed. What does he have to hide?

2. He's insecure.

Guys who are insecure, whether it's about how much money they make or what their job is, are three times more likely to cheat, according to a recent study published in the American Sociological Review. They want to feel like winners by being the "stronger" or more dominant one in the relationship, and cheating makes them feel "more masculine" probably because they feel like they're supporting someone else.

3. He's immature and self-centered.

According to Ramani Durvasula, PhD, a clinical psychologist, "Narcissists lack empathy and view women as objects. Plus, they believe they have a right to do whatever they want." In other words, someone who's self-centered and so in love with himself probably just wants to keep making himself feel good, and having more than one woman crazy for him will further boost his already big ego.

Okay, we all have our days when we act childish and focus only on ourselves, but when that's part of his personality and he thinks he has every right to do whatever he wants? RED. ALERT.

4. He feels invincible.

Power plays a part in one's inclination to cheat. Studies found that powerful people are more likely to have an affair because of their confidence in their ability to attract another partner. Power can make someone feel invincible, which also means he can feel like he can get away with anything and everything.

5. He's not intimate with you.

Your guy doesn't hold your hand, hug you, or give you cutesy kisses on the cheek? How can you tell if his heart's just not yours or he's just not the affectionate kind? Psychologist Nancy Irwin says that if your guy has always been loving but has become anxious, tell him you miss his touch and ask if something's wrong. If he denies change, there could be something up. Some guys who cheat actually have a hard time being intimate or affectionate with the person they're with.

6. He parties hard without you.

Or does whatever vice with a group of people. We're not saying all guys who party hard without their girlfriends are cheaters. But it is a cause for alarm, and rightfully so. Psychotherapist Tina Tessina says "Partiers by definition hang out—when their inhibitions have been lowered—where it's easy to pick up women."

7. He flirts with everyone.

It's hard to tell sometimes if a guy is flirty or friendly. If he's touchy with someone else or he's grinning a lot (instead of the polite and pleasant close-lipped smile), he's flirting. The general rule of thumb is that if he's charming the hell out of someone, he's flirting. Sure, it doesn't mean he'll cheat, but he should be acting like he's taken because he is. It's also to protect the relationship. If he doesn't see that, maybe he's not worth being with.

While any or all of these traits may apply to your guy, it doesn't immediately mean he's cheating. Talk things out and see where he stands. If something he does makes you uncomfortable, bring it up. If he doesn't show that he cares about your feelings, well, you know what to do.

This story orginally appeared on Cosmo.ph.

*Minor edits have been made by the Femalenetwork.com editors.

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