There are lots of ways you can express your love for your significant other like going on out-of-town trips and showering him with gifts. Although these show how much you care for him, there are other less expensive ways to make him feel your love, too. Here are a few suggestions!


Make him a hearty lunch.
They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so put your cooking skills to the test and prepare a good meal for him! Don’t worry too much about how it’ll taste–it’s the thought that counts.

Hearing and listening are two different things. Listening entails hearing and understanding what your partner is saying. Pay close attention during your next conversation and take note of even the seemingly insignificant details.

Write him small love notes.
You can slip them inside his bag, in between the pages of his favorite book, or stick them on his desk where he’ll most likely see it. A simple "I love you" could already make his day.

Be honest.

Respect your partner enough to tell him the truth.

Send him a sweet text message.
Whether that’s in the morning or during his lunch break, sending him a simple text message shows him that he is in your thoughts. But be wary of sending too many messages. You don’t want him to be too distracted at work.

Give your partner unexpected hugs and kisses.
It may seem mushy at first, but giving your significant other surprises like these can bring you two closer together. Do it while he’s feeling stressed or when you think he’s having a bad day–it will surely boost his mood in an instant.

Be thoughtful.
Be more considerate of your partner. It doesn’t matter whether it’s emotional, physical, or psychological, learning what makes your S.O. tick and what makes them smile can save you from a lot of arguments. Keep in mind that you should support each other during difficult times, and encourage each other during the good times.

PHOTO: Pixabay; GIFS: Giphy

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