If your current relationship is draining you out instead of inspiring you to do better, it’s probably better to take a break or leave for good. Sure, we're all for doing your best to make your relationship work, but you shouldn’t compromise some things just to maintain what you have. Here are seven tell-tale signs you need to break it off with your beau:

He has an addiction.
Whether it's gambling, alcohol, or video games, if his addiction is causing major fights and problems in your relationship, it’s time to re-evaluate. Take time to talk to him about his addiction, and find a way to help him through it. If he doesn’t seem too willing to change, you’re better off without him. He needs to fix himself first before getting in a relationship with anyone–don’t let him drag you down and bring the worst out of you.

He cheated.

While some women are willing to give their cheating partners another chance, others prefer to let them go. Trust is essential in any relationship–if your guy breaks your trust by sleeping with another woman or by getting emotionally attached to someone else, it’s your choice if you want to end things right there and then.

He just wants sex.
You know you deserve better than that but still, you choose to settle with a guy who treats you like his property. Understand your value and don’t let him use you for his carnal pleasures–there are other guys out there who will treat you right!

Both of you aren’t ready to fully commit.

Being completely committed to someone requires you to set aside time and effort for them. If both of you aren’t ready to sacrifice a few things for your significant other, then a relationship isn’t something you should pursue. Try to go out on a few dates with him first before making things official.

He tries to change you.
Never, ever, ever change yourself for a man. Being in love is all about accepting the person for who she is, was, and will be. When a man fails to embrace your uniqueness, he’s not the right one for you. Don’t adjust your lifestyle or standards just to entertain a man or to satisfy his liking. You are a strong and independent woman–and Mr. Right will come so don’t settle for Mr. Right Now.

He hits you.

It doesn’t matter why or how he did it, but hitting a woman is and will never be acceptable. The moment he lays his hand on you, leave and don’t hesitate. If he has done it once out of anger, chances are, he’ll do it again. You don’t want to be his personal punching bag, right?

You’ve simply fallen out of love.
Some people still stay in relationships even though they’re not happy at all. The reason? They’ve been together for so long and have invested so much that they find it hard to let go. They begin to settle for what they have instead of letting everything go to waste.

Relationship expert and author of “He Did You a Favor” Debra Rogers says healthy relationships require you to value your needs, “Stop investing your time and energy into a relationship that’s not working. Admit your relationship is over and start taking care of you. It’s time to break off this relationship and break through to a happier life.”

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