In life, you’ll meet different types of guys with varied personalities–good and bad. If you’re currently dating or in a relationship and still confused on whether he’s a keeper, here are seven signs that will tell if he’s worth your time and effort.

He’s your biggest fan.
A guy worth keeping is someone who’ll encourage you to do your best. Whenever you have something big coming up like a presentation, he’s there on the side lines cheering you on. He’ll be there for you through thick and thin, and will support you all the way.

He cares about your friends.
Caring about you is one thing, but caring about the people in your life is another. If the guy you’re dating is getting along with your friends, then he knows how to mingle and adjust to your environment very well. When he looks out for your friends, it shows that he’s not self-centered and knows how to care about others, too.

He treats you as his equal.
He’s not above you and vice versa–you’re walking into a new relationship side by side. He doesn’t try to overpower you with his masculinity or his ego. If you let him wash the dishes once, he’s totally fine with it.

He treats other people with respect
…even the waiters! Whether he encounters a street vendor, the janitor, or the security guard, a good man knows how to respect everyone around him. When he’s respectful to people who deserve respect despite their ranks, it only means that he was brought up well, and was taught proper manners.

He doesn’t try to change you.
A real man would accept you for who you are and won’t force you to be someone he wants you to be. No one is perfect, and everybody has their own flaws and weaknesses. If you find a man who can look pass your imperfections, he’s definitely a keeper.

He supports your success.
Psychologist Amy James says that a person who will praise your efforts is a man worth keeping. “He will share in your joys and be there to help pick you up. Your success will be about you, not about him.” Wouldn’t it be better to strive for success together rather than one of you pulling the other down?

He can admit that he’s wrong.
Too much pride can ruin a relationship. If a man can set aside his ego and put your feelings first, then it only means he values the relationship he has with you more.


PHOTO: Pixabay

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