If you happen to be the only single girl in your barkada, then you’ve probably been encouraged (or prodded) to go on a blind date! Sure it can be fun and exciting, but it can also be nerve-racking. Besides outfit planning, you have to think or practice how you should act when you’re around your date. Here are six tips you should keep in mind the next time your friends set you up with someone:

Set aside “date shirts”
The first dilemma of every woman when it comes to preparing for a date is figuring out what to wear. Instead of stressing yourself out a few hours (or days) before meeting up with the guy, why not have a visual peg of date outfits in your room or Pinterest board? Set aside a part of your closet for “date clothes” from dresses to skirts, depending on what type of date, so you won’t have to worry about putting together a new look. Try these looks from the Skechers Fashion Show:


Pick a good spot.
It’s important to choose a place you’re familiar with, so you won’t stress over not knowing where the bathroom or the exit is. If you’re the shy type, being with a stranger in an unaccustomed area can add to the jittery feelings you’re having. It’s also essential to meet up in a place that’s public and crowded for your safety.

Try not to stalk him before meeting up.
While it’s only normal to do a little “research” to know what he’s like and that he’s not some kind of psycho, doing so may change your perception about him when you two finally meet. You might get in too deep with your stalking and find out something that he should have shared with you on the date itself. It's fun to get to know things about him organically!

Inform your friends of your whereabouts.
Although your date may seem nice, it’s still important to let your friends know where you are and who you’re with–he’s still a stranger, after all. There are lots of date rape cases here and there, so remember, safety first before anything else.

Leave when you want to
…in a polite way, of course. If you feel uncomfortable or feel like you’re in danger when you’re with him, excuse yourself and leave. Trust your gut when you think that something is off and it’s making you anxious. Setting your boundaries is not rude—it’s a sign that you respect yourself and that you won’t just settle for any guy.

Play nice.
If you think that the guy is not your type half-way through the date, don’t shut him down and ask for the check just yet. He’s still human. If you think you two are not a match, you can still finish the date and probably end up as good friends. Try to ask questions and really get to know each other. Maybe there’s something that will catch your interest.

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