You’ve paid the tuition fee, bought school supplies, and talked to your child about what to expect. Now, it’s you who’s getting the jitters about their first day of school. The anxiety can be overwhelming and the thought of waving goodbye to your baby can bring you to tears, but at some point that you’ll need to let go–something that’s easier said than done.

As much as you need to prepare them for their first "grown-up" adventure, you also need to psych yourself up for it. Make the transition easier for you with these tips.

1. Speak with those who have gone through it.
Being worried about the first time that your child will be away from you is understandable, so don’t be afraid to share your apprehensions with people who have gone through the same. Opening up to them may lessen your worries and make you feel better.

2. Visit the school prior to the big day.
You may have already seen the school and talked to the principal during enrollment, but it helps to drop by again during your free time. Get to know the rules of the institution and the ins and outs of the campus. Introduce yourself to the teachers and get to know them. Familiarizing yourself with the environment can help you get used to the thought of leaving your child there.

3. Exchange contact details with teachers.
Give the teachers at least two phone numbers where they can reach you for anything that concerns your child, and make sure to get their details as well.

4. Start creating weekly menus for baon.
You’ll need to get used to preparing packed snacks. You can practice making some of your kid's meals beforehand so that you won’t have to figure them on the day itself. Just make sure that your choices don’t include things that are hard to open or complicated to eat.

5. Sleep early!
You’ll probably have a hard time settling down, but do your best to hit the sack earlier than usual a week before school starts. This will give your body enough time to adjust to your new schedule.

6. Be excited.
Every time you feel anxious, try to flip it around and feel excited instead. Focus on the how great it is that your child is growing up well. Do this and you can almost be sure that both of you will enjoy the first day of school.


PHOTO: Pixabay

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