Turn off the television and set aside those gadgets. There’s much fun to be had outdoors and you can find inspiration from when you were young. How about sharing these to your little one and give him an amazing childhood as well? 

1. Garden camping

Create a tent from a sturdy branch, blankets, and banig, and go garden camping on a clear evening! Bring with you a flashlight and let your child discover shadow play. See how many shadowy shapes you both can form with your hands. 

Where to do it: Your own backyard or your village’s park (Don’t forget to ask for permits!)

2. Taguan

Have your kid count up to ten and let him search for you throughout your backyard. The process of finding you can lead to him finding new and interesting things behind bushes and beneath the grass. Yes, he gets down and dirty, but no amount of filth can get your little one down as long as he’s protected, thanks to your guidance and proper nutrition. (A little dirt doesn’t hurt, too!)

Where to do it: Inside your house (Tip: Keep your glassware for the meantime) or at the park

3. Bangkang Papel

After those afternoon showers let up, introduce your child to a bit of puddle fun. Help him fold up a paper boat and let it float! Teach him how to blow on its sail to make it move or how to stir the water with a stick to make little waves. Discovery may get him a little dirty, but it's definitely worth it.

Where to do it: A made-up puddle in your own garden or in the community park garden

4. Touch-the-Color

Touch-the-Color is a great way for your child to learn about different hues and shades. Start with the primaries blue, yellow, and red. Later, teach him which colors to mix and produce orange, green, and violet. You may choose acrylic or watercolor but choose colors that are non-toxic so they are safe for children to use and play with. Level it up a bit by allowing him to experience different objects that relate to colors, such as how an apple is smooth and red and how cotton is soft and white.

Where to do it: At a birthday party—fun and educational!

5. Build-a-Sand-Castle

There’s nothing more fun than creating sandcastles. Bring a pail and a few shovels and allow him to dig away! Give him the freedom to build whatever kind of castle he wants – he'll definitely enjoy letting his imagination run wild.

Where to do it: At the beach or in a sandbox

6. Habulan

Habulan is a very simple game where you and your kid can just run outdoors and tag each other. Aside from improving his motor skills, it's also a great way for him to discover that being out in the sun is a great deal of fun.

With your guidance and proper nutrition, you know that your kid will have enough energy and the adequate protection during his adventures.

Where to do it: A sandlot, city park, or on your village’s street (Just make sure to make a stop and get out of the way of oncoming vehicles.)

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