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Let’s say you had a really amazing date last night, but the guy you had dinner with never texted you back–and you start to overthink and come up with reasons on why he hasn’t called yet. Was he bored? Was he intimidated with you? Or maybe he was turned off with something you may have said or done? If you feel that it’s the latter, then you should re-evaluate how you are when you’re around a guy. Here, we’ve rounded up some pet peeves men just couldn’t take.

1. The ex-boyfriend topic
“I find talking about past relationships - especially if she brings it up - is a turn off. Some women use this to make themselves feel good about the relationship but surely there are better things to do to feel good about where you are right now without bringing up the past.” – Jason, 28

2. When you get emotional and irrational over the little things
“I guess it will be moody and overly emotional women. Everyone has mood swings but when a woman's highs and lows are unpredictable, it shows a lack of maturity. No matter how beautiful they may be, this is a major turn off for me.” – Omar, 43

“Yun pinapalaki pa yung maliit na problema. Tapos mag-rant nang walang katapusan. Pati yung super arte, kasi may binabagayan yun eh.” – Mike, 27

3. Immaturity
“Women who are irresponsible and manipulative gold-diggers are a turn off for me.” – Ben, 29

“When a girl tries to dictate how I should be sweet to her. The moment you force it, it loses its significance. Also, when they’re being too obsessed with issues that probably mattered back in high school–like the number of Facebook likes you get on your posts.” – Steve, 28

“Choosing to break up whenever things don't go their way.” – Bruce, 29

4. Lying and inconsideration
“Yung mga girls na tatlong oras mag-CR, akala mo iniwan ka na sa sobrang tagal.” – Adrian, 33

“When I sense that a girl being too fake and trying too hard to be someone she’s not, I don’t ask her for a second date anymore.” – Andrew, 26

“It turns me off too when a woman talks a lot or when she peaks in a loud voice or talks just to seek for approval. It turns me off too when a woman immediately feels comfortable around people whom she only met for the first time.” – Jimmy, 33

“Turn off yung babaeng sinungaling. I mean pwede mo naman sabihin yung totoo simple lang naman yun. Magsisinungaling ka pa tapos mahuhuli ka din naman.” – Justin, 32

5. When you are too vain
I find it weird when women check their reflection in the mirror every second, every minute of the day. We get it, you’re beautiful and you appreciate yourself but lessening it isn’t a bad thing at all.– Joseph, 27

Women who comb their hair or put makeup in public. I just dont think its appropriate to do your grooming where other people can see.– Jeff, 29

6. When you fail to notice the little efforts.
When a girl doesn't acknowledge any gesture a guy makes for her (carrying her stuff, paying for dinner, etc.), just because she thinks it's expected. A little acknowledgment goes a long way. – Miguel, 28

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