This is probably the easiest reason why men cheat. While guys don’t have radars as strong as "women’s intuition," we have our ways to find out if you’re cheating. And for some guys, doubt is enough for him to justify cheating on you.

What You Can Do About It:
This is a no-brainer–don’t cheat. If you’re not, but your guy constantly misinterprets your choice of friends, maybe you should take a step back and check if your guy friends are really just being nice or are actually making moves.

Not paying attention to your partner’s needs would make him feel unnecessary and lower his self-esteem as a man. Paying too much attention to him will make him feel enslaved and would eventually lead him to want to break out from it.

What You Can Do About It:
Don’t let your busy schedule keep you from having a nice date every once in a while. And when you do have that date, make sure that your phone is not on the table. For those who are too clingy, give your guy a break and let him have his fun with the guys every once in a while. The more you keep him from everyone else, the more he’d find excuses to be with everyone else.


There are just some things that are beyond your control. You could be the best girlfriend in the world, but as the famous saying goes, "Daig ng malandi ang maganda." Besides, being in a relationship doesn’t mean that one can’t be attracted to anyone else. Maybe you’re going through something, maybe you’re not aware that you are, or maybe your guy is just malandi, but he could be easily attracted to anyone at any time in your relationship. The question is, what does he intend to do about it?

What You Can Do About It:
Trust that your guy would not give in to temptation. If you think you’re doing your part in the relationship, that should be enough on your end.

Adventure is also one of the reasons men cheat. While temptation may be driven by masculine desires towards women, adventure is driven by a man’s inner child–that part of him that craves the adrenaline rush brought about by doing something dangerous.

What You Can Do About It:
No matter how secure you are in your relationship, don’t be afraid to still try new things. Discover new places, go out on unconventional dates, and be spontaneous. Being in a mature relationship doesn’t mean you can’t do the things you did during the courting stages of your relationship.


Maybe he loves to travel and you don’t, and he didn’t really mind it at first. Maybe he loves nights out but settled for quiet home dates with you. During the courtship stage, guys would adjust to win you over. However, if you do end up together, he will eventually look to satisfy his own interests. If he doesn't find it in your relationship, don’t be surprised if he cheats on you with someone who enjoys things that you don’t.

What You Can Do About It:
Keep communication lines open, so your guy won't hesitate to ask you to do things that he likes because he’s afraid you might tell him "Dati wala namang ganyan okay tayo, bakit kailangan ngayon meron na?" A relationship has to be a two-way street. The guy usually makes adjustments during the courtship phase but eventually you would also need to adjust to his needs so that both of you can stay happy together.

Everyone has life goals, but if a couple is not aligned with each other, there may be a chance that the guy would look for someone whom he's more in tune with. For example, most guys don’t like being tied down early–we don’t worry about that biological clock like women do–while you may already want to settle down or vice-versa. Professionally, one of you might want to move abroad while the other has no desire moving away.

What You Can Do About It:
For serious relationships, discuss your long-term plans with each other. It’s difficult to keep a relationship that has totally divergent paths towards their life goals. If you want to build a future together, you should be taking steps towards it together.


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