When the ultimate breakup movie, One More Chance, hit theaters, a universal support group for all those who understood the struggles of getting over a long-term relationship was formed. Lucky for the two main characters, Popoy and Basha, they patched things up, got back together, and walked down the aisle. But after seeing the teaser for the sequel, A Second Chance, we're left wondering if them getting back together was the right decision.

To satisfy our curiosity, we watched the earliest screening, and prepared our feelings for everything that was about to transpire. We weren't disappointed. The whole movie was filled with hugot lines and love lessons that from Mr. and Mrs. Gonzales. Here are the major ones that hit our hearts.

P.S. Prepare for a few not-so-specific spoilers.

1. Never hide anything from your partner.
In the movie, Popoy becomes aloof and short-tempered. Little things irk him, leading Basha to wonder if she's the problem. She starts thinking that perhaps Popoy doesn't want her in his life anymore. Little does she know that it's all because of one big secret.

Our tip: When you keep vital information from your partner, you're not protecting him; you're just making the situation worse. Have the courage to speak up, but be prepared for the consequences. Also, withholding info shows that you don't trust your partner enough.

2. Be careful of the words you say when you’re angry.
While it’s normal for married couples to argue, you still have to choose your words with care. Yes, even if your blood is boiling. Words can hurt and even damage one’s self-esteem. Case in point: Long after Popoy and Basha argue, their (unintentional) hurtful words remain, splintering their relationship further.

Our tip: Take a deep breath before you word vomit. Remember that you’re still speaking to the person you love. It’s more important that you hear each other out than to win an argument or have the last say.

3. Sometimes, what ifs can destroy a marriage.
Dwelling on the what-might-have-beens, especially when your relationship is facing a crisis, can be dangerous. "What if we hadn't gotten back together?" "What if I had chosen to focus on my career?" Every time you fill your head with these thoughts, you're reinforcing the feeling that marrying you partner is the biggest mistake of your life. We don’t want to spoil anything—the only thing we can reveal is that what ifs almost ripped Popoy and Basha apart.

Our tip: Look back on those days when all you ever wanted was to spend your whole lives with each other. What ever happened to for better or for worse? The past has passed. You have to focus and work with the present, so you can move forward together.

4. You have to work as a team.
When Basha discovered Popoy’s secret by accident, she went for it and helped fix the issue. As husband and wife, you two are counted as one. You are each other’s cheerleader and MVP. You have to be able to rely on each other in times of trouble.

Our tip: If you’re making a major decision, always take your spouse into consideration. More importantly, if you’re having problems, inform your partner, and not anyone else, no matter what your level of closeness is. Deliks 'yan. It could make you two more distant as a couple or even lead to affairs.

5. People change because change is inevitable.
In the movie, both Popoy and Basha become scared by the changes in their lives, and while that's normal, it's not an excuse to throw in the towel.

Our tip: Don't expect that the man you married five years ago to still be the same man you're with today. Remember, growing up and difficult situations force you to be a stronger and better person.

6. Marriage takes work. A LOT of it.
Your joyous wedding day is just the beginning. When the bills arrive (trust us, A Second Chance proves that bills can be a source of a big argument) or when real life kicks in, the honeymoon is over. Love is not enough. Commitment, maturity, respect, and trust should be part of your marriage.

Our tip: You can't just leave a person on a whim. Think hard if your marriage is worth saving. If you think it deserves another shot, then the both of you should work on it together.

SCREENCAP: A Second Chance/Star Cinema (2015)

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