It’s normal to feel down after a breakup, but it shouldn’t let you feel pessimistic about life. A heartache shouldn't make you stop enjoying the things you love doing. To get you out of a slump, here are simple ways you can easily get back on your feet.

Get moving.
Get up and exercise! Snuggling in bed may seem tempting post-breakup, but doing this will only make you feel more depressed. Your body's auto-response after a breakup if for it to physically feel tired because of the absence of pleasure-producing endorphins, and by exercising, you increase your endorphin levels or happy hormones. Plus, you'll get a natural glow!


No matter what kind of breakup you’re going through, it usually leaves you angry and resentful, and the best way to overcome these feelings is to release. Try going to a concert and sing at the top of your lungs; visit an amusement park and try their scariest ride; or even scream with a pillow on your face—any activity that will allow you to let it all out.

Do some cleaning.
Whether it's scrubbing the floors, washing the dishes, or sweeping the floor, there’s just something therapeutic about cleaning. Pour out all ythe negativity and turn them into actions. You can also take this chance to throw away the things that remind you of your ex.

Talk to a friend.

There’s nothing more comforting than to have a friend who’ll be there for you through thick and thin. According to Sheldon Cohen, PhD, a psychology professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, a strong social support helps people cope with stress.

“There may be broader effects as well,” she says. “Friends encourage you to take better care of yourself. And people with wider social networks are higher in self-esteem, and they feel they have more control over their lives.”

Go out more often.
As much as you want to stay locked up in your room, isolating yourself from other people won’t do you any good. We're not saying that you have to be the life of the party when you’re out in public with your friends. Going out with friends will help you realize that there’s life after a breakup. Also, socializing doesn't necessarily mean that you need to hang out in bars every night. Sign up for a spinning class or a watercolor painting workshop with your gal pals—any form of group (or solo) activity will distract you from the emotional blackhole of a breakup.

With a positive attitude and the will to move forward, you can survive and be whole again!


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