You’ve probably heard people say, "You don’t really know someone until you’ve traveled with them." It's true: Watching a movie is a lot different from actually going on a long trip with your significant other. It's during a long bus ride from Singapore to Malaysia, a romantic dinner at a small boutique hotel, or maybe a breathtaking climb up a mountain when you actually get to know your partner better–what makes him tick, what he enjoys doing, and even his annoying habits!

But taking a trip together is also a good opportunity to find new reasons to fall in love with him all over again! Here are ways you can make more fun memories together.

Dare to do something extreme. 
If you’ve seen Chasing Liberty, you might remember that scene where Anna (Mandy Moore) and Ben (Matthew Goode) looked so sweet when they went bungee jumping off a bridge with their arms around each other. Doing something extreme is a fun way to face your fears together, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be bungee jumping!

Take lots of pictures.
They can be wacky, cheesy, candid or funny–taking photos is the best way to capture your best and most romantic moments. Plus, you can look back at them someday and laugh at the memories you’ve created during your trip. 

Eat something exotic.
Most countries have their own unique specialties. Trying them can be a new experience for both of you. 

Mingle with other travelers. 
You may have planned a trip for two, but mingling with other travelers gives you the chance to expand your network and meet new friends as well–they may even become your next travel buddies! 

Communicate with each other.
Your man isn’t a mind reader and if you don’t express what you want, he won’t know. Dropping hints won’t help either–if you want to eat at that restaurant, tell him and save yourselves from a lover's quarrel.

PHOTO: Pixabay; GIFS: Giphy

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