Living with a messy beau can be challenging. It will test your patience, your tolerance, and even your relationship with your man. Don't want to nag and get into another fight? Here, we list five ways on how you can deal with a messy partner without causing any rifts.

Be patient.
If your partner is used to being untidy around the house, it would take more than just a couple of reminders for him to break out of that messy habit. According to neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta, there are three phases of habit formation: the honeymoon stage, where everything seems so easy to do, the fight-through stage where you try to create a habit consistently, and lastly, the phase where it has to become second nature to you. The battle to kick his bad habits to the curb is going to be a long one, so instead of giving in to frustration, be more understanding and help your partner through it.

Make a to-do list.
Jot down tasks and chores that need to be done. Distribute them accordingly between you, your partner, and your kids (if you have any). Just make sure it’s done consistently to avoid any arguments.

Sit down and talk about it.
If the mess is just too much to handle, try working it out and consider a compromise. Create a distinction between common and personal spaces, then come to an agreement about which areas should be kept clean and organized at all times.

Don’t nag.
Has it been three days since you last told your man to pick up those dirty jeans on the floor? Try to stay calm and collected. Pestering your partner about it will only cause unwanted tension, which could erupt into a heated lover’s quarrel. Our tip: Encourage him to clean up instead. Be more positive when phrasing your words. Recognize and reinforce good behavior.

Model good behavior for them.
If you’re not willing to wash the dishes, make the bed, or keep the house spick-and-span, then how do you expect your spouse or partner to do the same? Set a good example first.

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