Being in an on-and-off relationship isn't easy. You'd think that it's easier because you at least have some assurance that your guy will still come back to you, but you're wrong. The whole process of dealing with them is not only exhausting; it's also heartbreaking.

If you know someone who's dealing with an on-and-off relationship, you should avoid saying these things to them. Or if you're in one, maybe these statements will be a good eye opener that will eventually make you realize a few things.


1. "You should break up for good."

Your friend knows that they probably should. After all, fights are supposed to be lesser and lesser as time goes by, right? The thing is they don't want to yet because they're not ready to face a breakup and the pain of losing someone.

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2. "You do know he is bad for you, right?"

There's a high chance that your friend knows that the relationship is getting toxic and unhealthy already. All you can do at this point is stay with them and let them know you'll be there when the need arises.

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3. "Aren't you tired of all the things he's put you through?"

She probably is and the last thing she needs are friends ganging up against her and forcing her to make a decision ASAP, when she is clearly not ready for that. For now, it's best to comfort her and tell her with as much gentleness what's the best way for her to deal with that.


4. "Someone out there will love you better."

Like we said, she knows that, too. But at this moment, she's probably not yet ready to explore the world and take her chances. This is why she's still holding on to what they have no matter how much it clearly has taken it's toll on her.

5. "You're better off alone."

And that statement scares her because she's really not yet ready to be alone. That's why she's trying to make things work between the two of them because she wants to and she feels that she needs to.

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