After several minutes of experimenting with Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s photos on—a cool website that "predicts" how a baby will look like based on their parents’ faces—we at FN were suddenly compounded with a single thought: the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will probably be the best parents ever. Here are five reasons why:

1. Kate’s parents have a thriving party planning business!

All the young parents-to-be have to do is give grandma and grandpa a ring--they’ll have the first, third, seventh, and perhaps even the 16th birthday parties all taken care of.

2. Wills takes after his mother.

The late Princess Diana raised her boys to be appreciative of what they have, but at the same time, to be as down-to-earth as they possibly could be as members of the royal family. We have no doubt that William will honor his mother by passing on some of the values he learned to his child.

3. Kate has amazing fashion sense.

Whether she gives birth to a prince or a princess, Kate will most definitely pass on her innate sense of style to her child. There will be no embarrassing matching outfits in the near future!

4. They’re both been named in TIME’s 100 Most Influential People List

Their future son or daughter won’t have to look very hard to find reasons to be proud of his/her parents!

5. They both love art.

Kate took up art history at St. Andrews. William did, too, but ended up shifting to geography. That said, Kate is also the royal patron of The Art Room, a charity that helps five- to 16-year-olds deal with their emotional and behavioral issues through art. We imagine that in a few years, the couple’s fridge will be teeming with all sorts of drawings and artwork.

(Photo of pram from Loretta Saschel, photo of Kate from Carlene Halm, photo of William from Good Morning America via Tessie on Pinterest)

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