Our fathers can be many things to other people, but to us, they'll always be dear old dad. Here are five reasons why we love having them in our lives:

1. They taught us how to drive (even after we got caught taking it out for a spin).

Our dads may have grounded us for a week for that one, but they nevertheless took it as a sign that maybe we were ready to actually learn how to drive from someone with a license. They patiently showed us how to change gears and remained calm even though we accidentally ran a red light. Don't worry, dads! Because of you, the roads are all the safer for everyone else.

2. They taught us to how to kick overly forward men in the balls.

It was our moms who gave us the talk, but it was our dads who gave us the talk after the talk. They taught us not to take ourselves for granted and to defend ourselves against guys who aren't exactly walking moral compasses. They'd do the ass-kicking for us anytime (and boy, would they be eager to get their hands on those men), but they've since learned that it's important for us to do it ourselves.

3. They’ll support all our endeavors and then some.

No matter what our ambitions are, our dads will be there to support us every step of the way. Even if it means going out of the country and being away for two to three years, they'll maintain a tough exterior just so we won't have to feel guilty about leaving.

4. They never turned us away (despite stupid mistakes and all).

Our dads only want the best for us, but if our plans somehow get derailed, we know we'll always have a place at home.

5. They’ll always take us for ice cream, whether we’re 13 or 30.

We may be be living on our own with high-paying jobs, but once in a while, we do want to feel like little girls again. Though they can't turn back time, our dads are always game to just treat us out to our favorite dessert when we ask them to.

(Screencap from The Jetsons courtesy of ABC, Syndication, and Children's BBC)

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