Being a mother is challenging feat for any woman, more so if you're a single mom. Besides raising a kid solo, you need to deal with people who can be rude and nosy. It's worse when you're still pregnant and they can't stop interrogating you about your unborn child and single civil status. Clearly, you have better things to think about—like the baby in your belly! So, if you know someone single who's having a baby, try to imagine yourself in their shoes and be mindful of what you ask her.

1. "Was it an accident?"

It could totally be an accident, but referring to a tiny human as one can come off as offensive. The word accident has a negativie connotation—like something tragic occured. A baby is a wonderful surprise, not an accident, okay?

2. "Where's the dad?"
It's really none of your business, actually. If she wants to tell you about the dad of her child, she will.

3. "Can you afford it?"
News flash: A woman can make a living for herself, and she is hyper-aware that having a child calls for expenses. Plus, asking about finances is never okay! You just don't.

4. "Do you think your child needs his/her dad?"
Let's get real. Not all biological dads can be there for their children. This question makes the mother feel that she is incomplete. Don't you think she's awesome for being both a mom and a dad? Besides, there are uncles, grandfathers, and friends that can act as male figures in the child's life. Also filed under this category: Don't ask if she is dating someone who can be the "new" father.

5. "Can you do it alone?"
Is she flying to some far-off island where she and her child are the only residents? If the answer is no, there is no reason for you to answer this question. For sure, she has immediate family and real friends to help her out.

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