Just as you and your mom have your own special bond, so do you with your dad. In fact, in some ways, having a good relationship with your dad directly benefits you. In an article on the Chicago Tribune, Wake Forest University professor Linda Neilsen says that there are three areas of your life that are greatly influenced by your relationship with your dad: your career, your relationships with the opposite sex, and your health. The better you get along with him, the more likely these three areas will flourish.

To help you reap all those benefits, here are a few activities for you to try together.

1. Try out each other's hobbies.

Have you ever wondered what kind of activities your dad is into? Does he play an instrument? Why not ask him to teach you his moves? In return, get him to try your own hobbies. Teach him how to bake, or introduce him to the wonderful world of online shopping. You won’t even notice how much time has passed because you’d be too busy having fun together.

2. Give him a makeover.

Aside from the fact that your mom would probably thank you for it, giving your dad a makeover is like showing him that it’s your turn to take care of him now. Leaving everything in your hands, in the meantime, is his way of saying that he trusts you with his life and his beard.

3. Go on a food trip.

Forget about dieting. This Father’s Day, make a beeline for all your favorite restaurants. Start with your regular breakfast nook, and work your way to lunch. While waiting for your meals to arrive, ask your dad about his favorite food as a child. Let food take you both down memory lane.

4. Try an outdoor activity together.

A bit of fresh air will do you and your dad some good, and no, going to the mall doesn’t count. Our suggestions? Why not take the dogs out and do a quick run around the neighborhood? You could also take an out-of-town trip to join a surf camp or climb a mountain. Get matching gear, just like old times, and no one will doubt that that you’re his daughter.

5. Watch a live sports game together.

Surprise your dad this Father’s Day by taking him out to a live sports game. Bring the beer (if allowed) or the barbecue, and have an amazing father-daughter bonding session booing the other team. For the full effect, wear matching jerseys.

(Photo from Susan Ayer via Pinterest)

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