What makes a man “husband material”? Does he have to be funny? Rich? Is he tall, dark and handsome? There are many traits that we can put on a wish list for our perfect man, but which ones really matter when it comes to a long lasting union of two souls?

Let’s delve a little deeper into the character of a man who deserves your “I do” and your forever after. Although every man is different, and we love each one a little differently, these are some signs that show that he just might be the Mr. to your Mrs.:

1. He has your utmost respect.
This is perhaps the most important thing that you can feel for your man. In a Psychology Today feature, published author and research professor at Boston College Peter Gray, Ph.D. says, "Love brings bliss to both types of relationships, but only if tempered by respect." Even if you love someone deeply, there will be some days when you just don’t like him at all! You will get on each other’s nerves, you’ll know which buttons to push, and you will get frustrated. But when your partner is someone you respect, you will always be careful with your words during an argument, you will expect the best from each other, and you will learn to let go of petty things. If you plan on spending the next 50 years or so with him, this is something that you can’t do without.

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2. He’s someone you can suffer with.
Marriage does not guarantee picture perfect, happy days for the rest of your life. It’s a lot of work, and you will have tough seasons that will challenge you both. Now look at your man, and ask yourself, is this someone I can have hard days with? Can we be poor together? Can we survive sickness? Will he be strong when I’m weak? Will I be strong when he’s not? Will we help each other up? These are tough questions, and the answers can be even tougher, but these are the questions worth asking.

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3. He knows how to fill your love tank.
We give part of ourselves to many different things each day. We work, we have family duties, and we have personal relationships to take care of. Sometimes we end up giving too much of ourselves and we run on fumes. Does your man know how to refill your love tank? Does he know what makes you feel refreshed and renewed? Does spending time with him make you feel stronger, or is he another one of those relationships that zap you of your energy? There will be days when you are empty. Spend your life with a man who can fill you with life and love and laughter.

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