1. Communicate constantly.
You may be tired of this cliché, but in truth, healthy marriages are characterized by regular expression of affection and appreciation. In a study, couples are advised to set aside a few times each week for 20 to 30 minutes, where partners could express positive feelings towards each other. Constant communication also helps couples deal with issues and challenges of married life.

2. Trust your partner.
Trust should be the core of every relationship, especially marriage. Always see your partner in a positive light and create a safe emotional space for him.

3. Love without qualifications.
Never expect your partner to change just because you got married, says Shaine who is married for three years to her long-time partner. In marrying someone, you must accept the essence of the other person.

4. Protect your marriage.
It may be tempting to share everything to your closest friends, but know when to keep your mouth shut. Never discuss marital struggles with people outside your home because it is disrespectful to your partner. The best way to deal with issues is to talk to your partner privately.

5. Look at difficulties as opportunities.
Sometimes, love and happiness may come from anger and tears. Remember that rising above every problem makes the marriage stronger and better.

6. Know your role as a wife.
Forget about the olden times when wives are commonly seen at home taking care of housework. Gender roles have become flexible through the years, and it's your call on how you can contribute to the marriage. Remember that, as partners, you have equal roles in the relationship.

7. Discuss finances.
Family budget is a serious concern, therefore, it should always be planned together. A study says that financial harmony is a key component in a successful marriage because understanding the value that each partner places on money strengthens your bond. In building a future together, know which responsibilities should be shared.

8. Do not take your partner for granted.
Pay attention and appreciate everything your partner does for the family. Be sensitive to his needs as well, and know what makes him happy or sad.

9. Make time to make up.
Misunderstandings may come once in a while, but always resolve issues and differences as soon as possible. Always think of the big picture because marriage is bigger than trivial arguments. This is your cue to let go of petty fights.

10. Learn how to say sorry.
Although your partner will be there to accept you through everything, never forget to apologize for shortcomings. Owning up to mistakes is not a weakness, as it shows that you value your marriage more.

11. Find new things to discover in each other.
Giving Time a Chance: The Secret of a Lasting Marriage says that once you commit to marriage, you begin your journey of mutual discovery. You may have known your partner for years, but there is always room for you to find something new to love.

12. Be individuals together.
As you share your life with your partner, you also share every hope and dream you have. Build your partner up and be each other's helping hand. When individual problems arise, consult your partner and solve them together. Confide with each other about every decision you make, because your lives have become one.

13. Never stop dating.
Do you remember how you were as a couple before getting married? Spend time like that once in a while and schedule date nights. Marriage and family responsibilities may put weight on your shoulders at times, but you can keep your relationship fun by having a time-out.

14. Keep your promise.
Marriage is a promise like no other. From the vow you made in the altar, make sure you follow through everything you promise to your partner.

15. Be a team.
Make the relationship grow, together. Believe that marriage does not end and have the common goal to make it last forever.

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